An amazing rally stage

Devil's Point Rally took place from Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th 2022.

It was such an amazing experience with drivers from both Vanuatu and overseas. The competition was strong on all 3 days.

I was present from day 1 to day 2 as a part of the PH Rally team and captured some of these images/videos.

Fire and Horse Power!

Vanua Fire fire dancers lit up the tracks as the race cars sped through the night on Day 1.

The race started exactly at sundown when it was completely dark.

Quick recap of the Night Stage. Footage shot by Nya Films (Myself) and The Islander (@theislandervu)

Day Time

Most of the stages were held during the daytime during rainy weather conditions.

Rally's and Bikes going through mud on Day 2!

Bikes & Quads

The mud did not stop the quads and bikes from racing and drifting around the barrels getting the crowd excited !

The opening parade.

The parade took place in Port Vila town 12pm on the Friday 9th of December.

All footage captured by Nya Films (myself) and The Islander (@theislandervu).

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