NOTE: As part of my contracts, there are a lot of videos I've done that I can not post here. If you want to look at an example of a certain type of video just ask and I can send you links to those that I've worked on. Those include documentary style videos, interviews, promotional ads and many more!

Just send me an inquiry :)

Aurellia & Frederick

Location: Le Lagoon, Port Vila Vanuatu

Date: October 21st

Lynda and Mick

Location: Erakor Island Resort

Nilani & Charles Lee Wedding Video

Santo Black Pearl photo and video shoot in July 2022.

Devil's Point Rally

Rally race at Devil's Point December 2022. This is a short recap of the Night Stage.

Poeravarava Dancers

Had the chance to films these ladies on a Sunday afternoon at Belleview overlooking the lagoon.

Welcome Back !

Short video of the reopening of Vanuatu after COVID-19 lockdowns

3Link Kacific:

Maewo Remote Work

This video was made under Next Ltd as contracted by Kacific and 3Link for their hand in providing technology to allow for remote work on Maewo island.

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